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  • Beyond the Blog

    The Irish Food Bloggers came to the Milk Market Saturday, and as part of the day, I led a short discussion about building communities online. There is at least one thing in common between lecturing and blogging In both forms, someone at the physical or virtual front of the room does most of the ‘talking’,…

  • Good Friday at the ‘Dumps’

    Dossed off yesterday and had a very good Friday. Threw the body boards in the car and went to the beach – ‘The Dumps’ at Castlegregory where we spent an hour being tossed by some fun surf. Beautiful sunny day, water at 14 degrees, loads of rolling white water for body boarding. I wear glasses,…

  • Is it just me or is everything just …..

    I was in Heuston Station last night, with a time to eat before the train, and found that the only place open was Supermacs. This would normally be a cause for rejoicing, but I’m afraid the great Irish Burger Chain is slipping.

  • Porterhouse and Fusty Ferret

    Two days in Dublin with no kids and, more importantly, no need to drive meant time for bookshops and nice beer.