Envisioning Futures

I’ve offered to run a (hopefully) interactive “workshop” at Octocon on Saturday at 11 to explore how SciFi imagined the future in the past? And how might those visions help us imagine or design the future? Since it’s one of those things where I hope to drag everyone into the discussion, I’ve shared a fuller description (below the fold) and a link to a padlet to warm it up

As well as a pleasant discussion about an interesting theme, participants are invited to consider how we might group and sequence our favourite readings on the theme into a learning journey, and what questions and quests we might create to structure and even assess progress. Session facilitator, Dr Mike Cosgrave, who has 30 years experience torturing learners  with innovative pedagogies, will gently slip in some knowledge about current practices in online, open learning to show how fan knowledge can be converted into learning experiences or “design fiction”. People should bring one thought: What work would you recommend to someone who asked for a  interesting read/watch/play on how scifi might help understand how the world is changing, and a willingness to argue about it!

I have created a public, but moderated padlet to harvest your ideas about “texts” which fit this idea. It will, I hope, get cluttered, messy and interesting.  It is here, as long as the server holds up, with a cheesy corkboard background and opens in a new window: Double-Click on the corkboard and type to add virtual notecards






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