D&D Online, Summer 2020

My Test Game area on Roll20

I have a lot to do this summer, but creative downtime is good for productivity  so I’m going to start a light D&D game online. There are a lot of people out there who want to play D&D for the first time, and/or play online for the first time so I’m going to justify this indulgence as a good work by providing an game for folks! (It’s an excuse!)

I started playing back in ..198…some year but I had a long gap. I’ve run a few games on Roll20 over the winter, so I can manage that without making too many mistakes. A free account on Roll20 is..well, free so its good value. (I have a paid account, because the extra bits are worth it for running games)

The rough plan is:

  • Saturday mornings (maybe Friday mornings), 10-1ish (might expand that later)
  • Set in Waterdeep, in the Forgotten Realms, so urban. Actually planning on having the Market as the starting area because I have been so used to being in a market for the past 25 years on Saturdays!
  • Casual, so people can miss sessions or drop out without guilt and new folks can easily slide into the game
  • Therefore, low starting level, levels 1-3 with slow character advancement so we don’t have to deal with long lists of abilities and feats and stuff. (If you have a 50 page character background story which relies on obscure rules from rare supplements – No, not in my game, sorry!)
  • Character and story rather than combat driven.
  • Video and Voice – or at least voice so do please have decent audio, a quiet place to play and/or a headset
  • Going to give preference to players in my rough timezone and over 16.

Find me (Google works, so does @ on the twitter ) and if your interested.

My Test Game area on Roll20









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