First courses, changed courses…

First week of full term, and I am installed in my new office and dealing with changed and new courses – changes to Hi3112 International Organisations, and a new course Hi0090, Personal Development, which is basically a leadership course which I am looking forward to. Until it gets a Blackboard site, the introduction and materials will be here on my blog under Courses.

Hi3112, International Organisations, will still be assessed based on a simulation exercise, but the content will deal less with collective security and peacekeeping, and include deeper themes like Food Security. However, I’m not quite sure how that will work, because I’m going to throw a great deal of the choice of topics over to the class and move towards a more collaborative design of the syllabus this term.

Hi0090, the Personal Development module, is a new development for UCC but, as a leadership course, covers ground which is common in US colleges and since a great deal of the interesting parts of history are about poor leadership, there is lot of solid ground there to work from.

At grad level, my part of HI6046, Understanding International Conflict, will focus on applying the first, theoretical part of the course to the reality of conflict in the Egypt-Libya-Sudan region, and asking how well the current theories serve us in addressing real world problems in security.   Also on is the new Digital Arts and Humanities Phd programme which is kicks off formally next week with the Digital Cultures Workshop.

All fun, along with mentoring the essay drafts for HI2022, the Early Start programme, and now it’s off to Western Gateway for the first lecture for Second year core history.


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