More on reflective blogging

I found an interesting diagram on reflective blogging on Niall Scalter’s blog. It reminds me of John Boyd’s famous OODA Loop which was orginally used to describe and refine cockpit design for fighters, but expanded as a general strategic paradigm. The OODA loop is Observe-Orientate-Decide-Act. It is also like the circular or spiral visual methapors used to describe many Rapid Application Developement methods in software engineeering, and I’m sure it comes up in other places as well. 

Why Students should blog

Found this just now “In summary, blogs can be used to encourage students to summarize what they have learned as well as for comparing and contrasting various aspects of what they have internalized. As students begin to articulate their thoughts blogs can help them feel a sense of empowerment as they develop their own voice.

Throughout the process, blogs can therefore lay out the entire “learning journey” students have been on, helping them become more reflective about the learning process.” It is from a blog piece here, which all my students should read. I got the link from the always useful Oldaily while listening to the Myleene Klass breakfast show on ClassicFM; which is a good way to start a sunny October Saturday

Fees For Degrees

This mornings Irish Times reader poll is about the proposed increase in University registration fees, and remarkably, it is a 50-50 split at present; I guess the folks who want it all for free are still in bed.  I’m in favour not only of bringing back fees, but of actually charging every student full economic fees matched with a comprehensive loan scheme, and a proper scholarship system. I’m probably in a minority, but I am quite happy that my position is the right one.

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Swop Finance Ministers and we’ll fight again!

Well, faith and begoraah but isn’t it great to be Irish today? The government actually made a decision (quick – when was the last time an Irish cabinet made a decision?) to guarantee all savings in Irish banks and now cash is flowing from the UK into Dublin; to such an extent that Alasdair Darling is very upset and the UK banks are up in arms.  Aside from the “yeah sucks boo to you”, I actually think the blanket guarantee to all depositors, which probably should only be a short term measure, is better than the US bailout which tries to protect shareholders as well as depositors.

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